Civil Litigation
We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help clients identify and implement the most cost and time effective mode to litigate and resolve complex and high-stakes disputes they face.

From pre-litigation advice, legal proceedings in courts of all levels, settlement negotiation to judgments and awards enforcements, we provide strategic and practical advice to help clients achieve the most favourable legal outcome and minimize their risks and costs.

How We Can Help
  • Contractual disputes:- Advise on contractual disputes relating to goods sold and delivered and services rendered, agency, licensing and franchising, and breach of building and construction contracts, loans agreements
  • Commercial disputes:- Advise on shareholders, partnership and joint venture disputes, directors' liabilities claims and claims for mis-selling of minibonds
  • Insolvency matters:- Represent clients in company winding up and bankruptcy proceedings, and advise on cross-border insolvency and restructuring matters
  • Conveyancing and land disputes:- Advise on land boundary and property/land title disputes, particularly for land in the New Territories, proceedings under Land (Compulsory Sale For Redevelopment) Ordinance, Cap. 545, trespass to land action, tenancy and building management disputes
  • Tort claims:- Advise on personal injury claims, professional negligence claims and defamation cases
  • Tax disputes:- Represent tax payers in review and appeal against tax assessment and other tax disputes and tax offences
  • Judicial review:- Represent clients in judicial review against unfair administrative decisions of government departments and statutory bodies
We provide attesting services for those documents to be used in Mainland China concerning not only the aspects of marriage, succession and children adoption, etc., but also those of investment, loan, real estate, mortgage, trade and CEPA related matters. We have 2 China-appointed attesting officers who may provide such attesting services.
We prepare, attest and/or certify the following documents to be used in Mainland China:
  • Documents or information of Hong Kong companies such as company incorporation andbusiness registration records, company resolutions, etc
  • Declarations for various purposes, including getting married in Mainland China, children adoption, family reunion, estate succession or renunication of rights over assets in the Mainland
  • Power of attorney for sale and purchase of properties in the Mainland
  • Documents for conducting litigation or arbitration proceedings in the Mainland
  • Application for CEPA service provider certificate
Construction Law
How We Can Help
  • Pre-tendering and Pre-contractual advice on engineering, building and construction contracts
  • Reviewing and drafting of specialist contracts and sub-contracts
  • Advise on joint ventures, consortium arrangements, and all relevant and necessary contract arrangements and administration
  • Advise on risk management and contractual dispute avoidance for different tiers including employers, main contractors and sub-contractors
  • Advise on the claims/ defence of claims in respect of engineering, building and construction contracts
  • Advise on the means of dispute resolution including mediation, arbitration, litigation in courts and other forms of alternate dispute resolution
  • Handle litigation proceedings in different levels of Courts in Hong Kong, including the Construction and Arbitration List in the High Court of Hong Kong and enforcement of judgment
Conveyancing, Tenancy & Building Management Matters
We handle an extensive range of property transactions for both corporate and private clients. We draw on this extensive experience when advising on every stage of the property acquisition, sale or development.

From documenting, financing, property title investigation, zoning to property development and leasing, we are able to optimize our clients' interests.

How We Can Help
  • Represent clients in the sale, purchase and mortgage of residential, commercial and industrial properties including villa-type houses and small houses in the New Territories
  • Represent property developers in relation to legal work on the development of residential and commercial premises, particularly in Tai Po and Sai Kung areas in the New Territories
  • Prepare documents for mortgage loans, refinancing, property redemption, and conduct property title investigation
  • Liaise and obtain permit for modifications of government leases and grants, and advise on planning issues and land resumption matters
  • Prepare and negotiate leases and tenancy agreements, prepare and advise on tenancy termination notices
  • Advise on building management disputes between property owners, occupiers and management company
Corporate & Commercial
We offer comprehensive and timely services to corporate entities on a broad range of commercial transactions and activities. With our knowledge and experience in commercial and corporate law, we help clients achieve their business and commercial objectives and needs within the legal framework.

How We Can Help
  • Represent local and foreign corporations in mergers and acquisitions transactions
  • Sale and purchase of shares, transfer of shares
  • Sale and purchase of business and assets, transfer of business
  • Advise on corporate management, boards of directors and board committees on governance matters, corporate governance and legal compliance and management succession
  • Advise on the establishment, operation and termination of joint venture agreements, shareholders agreements and partnership agreements
  • Advise on franchising and licensing
  • Incorporation of Hong Kong and offshore companies, including British Virgin Islands, Cayman Island and Bermuda companies
  • Application for registration of society and charity, and application for tax exemption for charity
  • Dissolution and restoration of companies to the register
  • Provision of company secretarial, registered office and nominee shareholder services
Criminal Litigation
Our practitioners possess sound knowledge and understanding of the criminal court system and procedure. 
We are experienced in advising clients involved in criminal investigations or prosecutions relating to a range of offences. These include commercial fraud, bribery, offences against the person and property, and traffic, drug and sexual offences.
We pride ourselves in being able to respond quickly to clients' needs from the moment of arrest until the conclusion of trial or appeal, and to formulate the most effective defence strategy for clients.

How We Can Help
  • Advise clients detained by Police, ICAC, Commercial Crime Bureau, Securities and Futures Commission, Customs and Excise Department, Immigration Department and other law enforcement agencies
  • Apply for police bail, bail pending trial or appeal
  • Plea bargaining for clients before or after charge
  • Attend committal proceedings
  • Represent clients at summons, and trials at all levels of courts from Magistracy up to the Court of Final Appeal
  • Magistrate's decision review application
  • Appeal against conviction and sentence
  • Conduct plea in mitigation
We have extensive experience in advising clients on matters covering all facets of employment law and employment relationship. From recruitment to retirement, we provide comprehensive and seamless services to ensure clients' interests are best protected, whether as an employer or an employee, locally, in the Mainland or abroad.

How We Can Help
  • Prepare, negotiate and/or advise on employment contracts and workplace policies
  • Advise on the rights and obligations of employers and employees in relation to employment termination or dismissal, redundancy, maternity leave, sickness allowance, severance and long service payment, retirement scheme and workplace injury
  • Advise on employment issues arising from mergers and acquisitions of companies, business transfers and corporation restructuring
  • Handle employment disputes including breach of employment contracts, contentious terminations, enforcement of post-termination restrictions, employee data privacy infringement, harassment and discrimination claims, and other work-related tort claims
  • Obtain visa for client to enter into Hong Kong and the Mainland for employment
We are well versed in advising complex and high-stakes policy and coverage issues of a wide range of insurance. These include insurance for jewellers' block, casualty, carriers, professional indemnity, products' liability and corporation.

We strive to work closely with insurers, underwriters, insurance intermediaries, regulatory bodies and departments to ensure we keep abreast of the latest developments of the insurance industry.

With our in-depth understanding of the insurance markets, we have maintained a track record in handling coverage disputes, claim recoveries and liability claims to the satisfaction of clients.

How We Can Help
  • Handle coverage disputes and claim recoveries, particularly related to jewellers' block
    policy and carriers’ insurance claims
  • Advise on professional indemnity insurance claims; directors and officers' liabilities insurance claims and employees' compensation claims
  • Advise on accident insurance claims and motor insurance claims
Intellectual Property
We understand intellectual property rights are important assets of our clients. At Wong Poon Chan Law & Co., cost-effective advice is offered to identify, manage and protect clients' intellectual property rights both locally and abroad.

With our swift and vigorous response to piracy and counterfeiting, clients can rest assured that their innovation and creativity are fully protected, even in some of the world's most challenging markets for intellectual property rights. We also advise on clients who are being wrongfully accused of infringement of intellectual property rights.

How We Can Help
  • Registration, registration renewal, assignment and licensing of trade mark, design and patent
  • Take out or defend registration opposition and rectification proceedings of intellectual property rights
  • Take out or defend intellectual property rights enforcement proceedings including urgent injunction, search order and passing off, etc.
  • Advise on administrative and criminal actions against infringers of trademarks, patents and copyrights, and false trade descriptions
Mainland China Related Works
We have over 20 years of experience in advising Mainland China corporations on legal issues in their businesses in a wide range of industries including banking and finance, real estate, food and beverage, construction and infrastructure, and Mainlanders on their personal legal matters in Hong Kong.
We handle legal matters for Hong Kong and foreign clients to help structure and manage their business deals and interests in the Mainland, to communicate with Chinese government authorities and formulate cost-effective legal strategies which add value to their business decisions.
The professional qualifications and experience of 2 of our solicitors have been recognized by the Ministry of Justice in China by their appointment as China Appointed Attesting Officers to provide document attestation services for use in the Mainland.

How We Can Help
  • Advise Mainland China listed and private corporations on legal issues in their business establishments and operations, property investment and development transactions, and financing arrangements in Hong Kong
  • Advise Hong Kong corporations on their establishment and operation of businesses in Mainland China under the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA)
  • Represent clients in the establishment and restructuring of sino-foreign joint ventures, and shareholders' agreements and disputes
  • Represent Hong Kong corporations in mergers and acquisitions with Mainland China corporations, and intellectual property rights protection and enforcement in the Mainland
  • Represent Mainland individuals working in Hong Kong in employment matters and disputes, and their divorce proceedings with Hong Kong residents
  • Provide attestation services for documents used in the Mainland
Marriage Solemnization Services
The Registrar of Marriages has appointed six of our solicitors as civil celebrants of marriage to provide marriage solemnization service in Hong Kong. Three of our civil celebrants of marriage have over 4 years' experience in providing services for local wedding couples and those from the Mainland or overseas.
We offer a personalized solemnization service in tune with the needs of each wedding couple. You can have the solemnization ceremony with a special wedding vow and at the place of your choice for your special day or a simple, speedy and economical ceremony at our Hong Kong or Sai Kung offices.
We understand matrimonial disputes can cause considerable stress for clients. Our solicitors work with tact and sensitivity in helping clients to achieve a constructive and satisfying solution.

How We Can Help
  • Prepare, negotiate and advise on pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements and separation agreements
  • Represent clients in proceedings for judicial separation, divorce and nullity of marriage
  • Handle matrimonial disputes related to matrimonial finance, and the custody, access and control or guardianship of children
  • Obtain and contest injunction related to matrimonial proceedings and domestic violence cases
Mediation & Arbitration
Our Partner Mr. Steve Wong and solicitor Ms. Karen Chow are members of the Institute of Arbitrator.

How We Can Help
  • Advise on arbitration and mediation as alternative means for resolving disputes
  • Drafting and reviewing arbitration agreement
  • Advise on legal rules, procedures and substantive laws on both domestic and international arbitrations for resolving commercial disputes, including disputes in relation to engineering, building and construction contracts, insurance contracts, goods sold and 
    delivered, services rendered and manufacturing contracts
  • Handle and conduct arbitration proceedings, selection of appropriate arbitrator, preparation of documents, advise on expert evidence, conduct hearing and advise on enforceability and enforcement of arbitration awards
  • Acting as mediator in resolving disputes between parties
  • Represent and assist parties in the preparation of and in the course of mediation so as to achieve settlement of their disputes through mediation. Through thorough preparation work done prior to mediation, we have in December 2010 successfully achieved a settlement for our client through mediation in a land compulsory sale claims in Lands Tribunal case LDCS 3000/2009. This is the first Lands Tribunal case on land compulsory sale settled through mediation between the parties and has led to the issue, on 28th January 2011 by the Lands Tribunal of a new Practice Direction (LTPD: CS no. 1/2011) on mediation for all compulsory sales cases under the Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance (Cap. 545) which came into effect on 15th February 2011.
Notarial Public
We provide Notary Public service for those documents used in government or non-government institutes around the world (except those used in the Mainland China). Our Mr. CM Wong is a Notary Public and provides Notary Public service for those documents used in Hong Kong and overseas.

We witness and identify documents include but not limited to:
  • Documents of overseas corporations or commercial corporations
  • Sale and purchase documents for overseas assets
  • Estate management documents for those who reside overseas or have assets abroad
  • Documents or information for immigrations
  • Power of Attorney, Affirmation or transaction records,etc
Will & Probate
We advise and make personalized arrangement for clients to secure an effective and efficient succession to their assets with minimal tax implications. Members of our firm are well trusted by clients in the administration of estates and trusts. We are also experienced in litigating or negotiating settlement for inheritance and trust disputes, and drawing them to an amicable conclusion.

Non-Contentious Matters
  • Prepare and advise on will/ trust deed dealing with assets located locally, in Mainland China and abroad
  • Advise on intestacy creation and administration of trusts including family trust/ charitable trust, etc
  • Estate administration, management and distribution
  • Application for grant to personal representatives, and resealing of foreign grant in Hong
  • Estate duty payment clearance
  • Prepare and advise on deed of family arrangement/ assent
Contentious Matters
  • Handle proceedings between beneficiaries to the estate
  • Handle claims concerning the entitlements of dependents/ illegitimate children/ widow/ concubine, etc
  • Handle proceedings relating to improper administration of estate/ trust
Banking & Finance
We understand in today's banking and financial markets, competition has become keener than ever. The banking and financial industry must keep abreast of the latest legal regulatory and compliance developments and achieve great cost and service efficiencies.

Our practitioners have the expertise and market insight to provide commercially viable and timely services to address the needs and imperatives of the banking and financial sectors.

From financing deals, compliance matters to securitizations and security enforcement, we partner with clients to ensure they are at the cutting edge of each financial transactions and issues.

How We Can Help
  • Handle all forms of lending transactions ranging from unsecured loans to facilities involving collateral, bilateral and syndicated loans
  • Prepare loans and security documents including letter of credit facilities, loan agreements, debentures, share charges, documents for real estate and investment finance
  • Advise on restructuring of debt finance structures
  • Enforcement of all forms of security including money lender's action, mortgagee action and asset recovery proceedings
  • Advise on retail and corporate banking operations, financial institutions' regulatory and compliance matters
  • Prepare documents and agreements for banking and financial products
  • Advise on securitization, bonds, derivatives and equity linked notes transactions
  • Financial institutions' licenses application
Civil Litigation
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Conveyancing, Tenancy & Building Management Matters
Corporate & Commercial
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Intellectual Property
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Marriage Solemnization Services
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Banking & Finance
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